Boat Moorage & Dry Storage

Covered Slips (300 & 400 Dock)

  • 70′ end tie (metered power): $11.40/foot/month
  • 20Χ70 (metered power): $14.50/foot/month
  • 40′ end tie (metered power): $11.40/foot/month
  • 16Χ40 & 17Χ40 (metered power): $13.95/foot/month
  • 50′ end tie (metered power): $11.40/foot/month
  • 18Χ50 (metered power): $14.50/foot/month
  • 75′ end tie (metered power): $11.40/foot/month
  • 18Χ75, 22Χ75, 23Χ75, & 24Χ75 (metered power): $14.50/foot/month

Uncovered (200 Dock)

Uncovered slips with water. Slips where electricity is available, usage is billed to account. Price is per foot, slip size or boat size, which ever is greater.
  • 12Χ30: $11.00/foot/month
  • 12Χ33: $11.00/foot/month
  • 18Χ60: $11.00/foot/month
  • 16Χ36: $11.00/foot/month
  • 14Χ36: $11.00/foot/month

Overnight Slips

  • Free day-use docking is available along the marina head walk.
  • Overnight docking and slips start at $30 and are on a first-come basis. Please see a Fuel Dock Attendant for availability and rates.
  • Shuttle hours to the General Store and motel are 8am - 5pm daily.
  • Dry Storage

    • Overnight storage: $25.00/night
    • Boats up to 25feet: $70.00/month
    • Boats 25ft – 32ft: $75.00/month
    • Boats over 32 feet: $100.00/month