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Enjoy our Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant and bar will be opening Memorial Day weekend for breakfast and dinner Thursdays through Sundays.

1 Main Street
Temple Bar, Arizona 86443

Gear Up for a Gourmet Grilling Experience!

Step up your lakeside barbecue game with our ready-to-grill kits, bursting with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Pre-ordering is highly recommended – we accept requests 24 hours in advance to ensure we can provide you with the freshest feast for your flames.

Grill Kits now available for purchase at the store and restaurant!

  • Grill Kit 1

    Cost: $60

    Ideal for a relaxed lakeside feast, this kit includes:

    • Classic All-American Favorites:
      • All-beef franks (2) and hotdog buns
      • Beef burger patties (2)
      • Fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion
      • Creamy burger sauce
      • Premium brioche buns
    • Sides to Savor:
      • Crisp coleslaw salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion, all in our house dressing
      • Fruit cups, a refreshing touch
      • Crunchy bags of chips
    • Decadent Desserts:
      • Homemade chocolate brownies
  • Grill Kit 2

    Cost: $80

    For those seeking a refined grill experience:

    • Premium Grilling Selections:
      • Juicy 8oz strip steaks (2) with aromatic chimichurri sauce
      • Fire-grilled chicken breasts (2) served with a pesto sauce
      • Fresh lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion
      • Deluxe brioche buns
    • Hearty Homemade Sides:
      • Classic potato salad
      • Coleslaw salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion in a delightful dressing
      • Fresh fruit cups
      • Crunchy bags of chips
    • Sweet Finale:
      • Rich chocolate brownies