Bundle a Powerboat with your Houseboat Rental

Date: September 9, 2015
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When you’re cruising along the lake in your houseboat rental, you get to enjoy all the air, sunshine and scenery at a gentle pace. Take it from me, it’s quite relaxing when you’re out there. However, if you’ve never been on a houseboat vacation before, you might want to think about more than just a houseboat rental while you’re out there. Here’s some reasons why a powerboat or watercraft can aide you on your trip to Temple Bar Marina.

Scouting & Navigation

Whether it’s a powerboat such as a ski or deck boat or a personal watercraft like a jet ski, an extra boat can help you scout and navigate the lake much easier. As I mentioned before, houseboats don’t move very fast, and their length doesn’t make them the most nimble vessels on the water either. You can utilize a powerboat to scout out some prospective camps & coves to stake your houseboat at, as well as navigate back to the marina. You never know when you might need extra supplies! Think of your houseboat more of like the mothership for your trip, and let the other boats do the leg work.

Water Sports Fun

Sure, a houseboat is the main attraction of your vacation. With all that comfortable space, and the hot tub on the top deck! But you can’t forget about all the recreational activities that the lake has to offer you know. Jet skis are available at many Forever marinas for those thrill seekers out there, and you can’t forget about the speed boats either. You can take any trip to the next level with tow-able tubing as well. It’s definitely a memorable experience for the whole family.

Bundle & Save

Not only can you spice up your vacation with powerboat and watercraft rentals, but you can save at the same time when you bundle with a houseboat rental. Speak with a vacation specialist today and see how much you can save on your next trip to the lake. Give them a call at (800)-255-5561.


James Wolf
Houseboat Vacation Specialist
Forever Resorts